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03 Apr

Dance Invasion Medicine Hat

April 3, 2025 - April 6, 2025

Dance Invasion Is Invading Medicine Hat Once Again for 2025’s Dance Festival


Fabulous Feet Productions is bringing one of its largest events, Dance Invasion, back to Medicine Hat for the 2025 dance festival season.

Dance Invasion will be held at the beautiful Esplanade Cultural Center, which boasts a highly professional environment and is a great venue for all involved.

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Other Dance Invasion Locations

This year, we will also be hosting competitive Dance Invasion festivals in Medicine Hat, Bearspaw and Regina. If you’d like to find out more about this dance competition across all the locations, please find the information page here.

Competition Information

Dance Invasion is festival based event, that is valuable to both recreational and competitive studios.

All dancers are placed in categories based on age, discipline and years of training, an elevated level is calculated for all dancers training 8 hours or more a week.

Awards and Prizes

“EACH” dancer is presented with a medal depending on the mark that they receive in “ALL” categories.
In addition, awards of recognition will be presented.
Crystal trophies are awarded in “EVERY” solo category for OUTSTANDING and MOST PROMISING. As well, OUTSTANDING recipients also receive a scholarship.
Extra medals are also presented for OUTSTANDING and MOST PROMISING in “EVERY” duo/trio and group categories.
OUTSTANDING CHOREOGRAPHY is presented in “EVERY” group category.

The adjudications are held every 45 minutes, allowing our professional judges to positively critique the dancers.

Qualifying for Challenges and Finals

The top 5 marks in group categories in each level, also qualify for our Xtreme Dance Challenge dance off, which is held at the end of each event for trophies and scholarships.

Come and join us for a positive weekend of dance and so much more.


Date: April 3, 2025 - April 6, 2025
Venue: Medicine Hat, AB
Address: Esplanade Arts and Heritage Center 401 1 St SE