Encouraging Young Dancers in Their Growth and Development

host both FESTIVAL and COMPETITION Format Events

Each dancer is adjudicated based on their age & level and given a medal dependent on their score. Our intention is that our events will build dancers confidence and performance skills while offering constructive feedback to help them grow and develop.



Our dance festival adjudicators are chosen from some of the most talented, knowledgeable, experienced and respected professionals involved in today’s dance industry. Our judges are hired to give a positive verbal adjudication to dancers in every category to help the students develop their dancing techniques. There is an adjudication every 20-40 minutes in our festival schedule.


Registration Closes on December 15th, 2023

Please register early as spaces are limited.

Early Bird Discount

Submit your entries to us by midnight on November 15th, 2023, and you will receive a 5% discount on your fees (before GST).

Entries for our 2024 Tour

We are now accepting reservations for our 2024 events. If you would like to reserve a space while you prepare your entry forms and paperwork, you can submit a deposit along with the total number of entries you would like to register and which festivals you would like to enter. A deposit will be required to guarantee your space. Please advise of an approximate amount of entries by emailing office.fabfeetproductions@gmail.com.

Deposits are as follows:

1-49 Entries = $500.00
50-99 Entries = $1000.00
100 plus Entries = $2000.00

Xtreme Challenge Competition

We never get tired of hearing from dancers and parents alike about the ‘positive atmosphere’ and ‘electrifying excitement’ that the XTREME CHALLENGE COMPETITION brings to each of Fabulous Feet Productions’ events.  The dancers LOVE checking the results boards throughout the weekend, and the shrieks of excitement when their group gets on the board is priceless!


During the festival, marks are recorded and posted in the lobby on the Xtreme Challenge Leader Boards.  The top 5 groups in each level qualify for the Xtreme Challenge, following the same ratio of Elevated to Non Elevated as the total group registrations. During the course of the event these marks will be visible on boards in the lobby. These top groups go on to compete at the end of the festival for trophies and cash prizes!


Both adjudicators judge this event and place the dancers 5th to 1st in each level based on their performance at the Xtreme Challenge.


All of the group routines in the Xtreme Challenge Competition receive trophies. Those placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd are also presented with cash prizes.


It is an amazing show to watch, featuring the best of the best from the entire festival.


Please note: there is a separate admission charge for all spectators of the XTREME Challenge event.

The XTREME CHALLENGE COMPETITION only applies to festivals with over 120 group entries.

If there are less than 120 group entries, marks will still be recorded and the top 3 groups in every level will be presented with trophies at the end of the festival during our Awards Presentation in recognition of their excellence.

Individual Scholarships

In addition to awards at each adjudication , crystal trophies as well as $50.00 cash scholarships are presented in each solo category as well as OUTSTANDING CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD in each group category accompanied with a gift card.

Fabulous Feet Productions also gives out extra cash prizes, as well as Summer Intensive Camp Scholarships, Weekend Workshop Scholarships, and Dance Convention Scholarships at the end of each festival.

FABULOUS FEET PRODUCTIONS awarded over $120,000.00 in 2023 in cash and awards.
STUDIO OWNER DRAW – amount of ballots based on amount of entries

At Fabulous Feet Productions, we understand the importance of dance in the lives of your students, and we want to encourage them to continue performing so they can develop the confidence and poise that will last their lifetime.

EXTRA AWARDS – at the end of each festival FABULOUS FEET PRODUCTIONS presents extra cash awards, OVERALL CHOREOGRAPHY, XTREME CHALLENGE trophies and scholarships as listed at each event.

AUDIENCE DAILY DRAW – in appreciation for our audience we draw each day for a $50.00 gift card.


Festival Schedule

Make sure you have added office.fabfeetproductions@gmail.com to your email provider’s safe senders list. An email will be sent that details the corrections procedure and time period. All corrections *MUST* be submitted by the scheduled deadline. Late corrections will *NOT* be accepted. Changes to level or discipline during an event will not be permitted. The final schedule will be released via email.  Please Note* Our priority is the Health and Safety of everyone involved in our 2024 events.  Fabulous Feet Productions will continue to work with our Government’s Health Guidelines to adhere to and provide a safe environment. In the event these guidelines change due to any pandemic we will be rescheduling and proceeding when safe to do so.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Fabulous Feet Productions remains committed to hosting Dance Festivals and will undertake all possible steps to ensure we are able to provide services in a manner consistent with any applicable guidelines and restrictions. In regards to refunds and credits, please review our updated policies. If a festival is cancelled due to lack of entries, a full refund will be processed to registered studios of the cancelled event. Fabulous Feet Productions is unable to issue refunds due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, including but not limited to, Acts of God or Mother Nature, Pandemics or government mandated shutdowns. Contingency Plans are in place to accommodate the ever-changing current environment- should you want more information please contact us directly. If we have exhausted all options for our contingency plans and none are possible, Credits will be applied for the following year.

Should a studio choose to withdraw from an event due to change in event date OR an added or deleted festival day, a refund is not applicable.

Running Ahead

The festival reserves the right to run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Please inform your students and parents of this to avoid disappointment of missing a dance.


Only dancers and teachers with a backstage pass will be allowed backstage. Studios must submit the number of backstage passes required with their Festival Entry Forms. This is done by registering your teachers in our online registration system. Passing name-tags to spouses, parents or other individuals is not acceptable. We greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter. In the event that parents are helping to set props, they must have proof of admission. We really appreciate your cooperation with this.


There is a limit on solos both per student and per studio. We are limiting solos to a maximum of 5 per student. And per studio, we will be accepting 3 solos for every 1 group entered.  Duos/Trios are included with Groups for this 3:1 Ratio.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Teachers, dancers and parents are prohibited from prompting dancers during all performances.


Re-dances are encouraged in the solo category if the dancer has not completed 50% of their routine. However, they will not be eligible for an Outstanding Award.  In Group Categories, Re-Dances will be allowed at the discretion of the festival committee in the case of a technical difficulty.


All music is to be played by the teacher backstage on an electronic device…..iPhone, iPad or Computer.


Good sportsmanship and conduct is mandatory at all festivals from all dancers, teachers, parents and spectators.


It is the right of the festival committee to disqualify a studio for breach of the rules and regulations or for cheating. All decisions of the adjudicators are final. No one is permitted to talk to the judges or writers during the festival. Anyone breaking this policy will be subject to disqualification. Fabulous Feet Productions prides itself on running professional, positive events. All dancers, teachers, parents, and spectators are required to be respectful of the festival staff and other studios.


Fabulous Feet Productions, its staff and directors will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage or loss that occurs at any of its events.

Cameras & Recording

No cameras or recording devices of any kind may be used in the theatre with the exception of the hired photographer or videographer. This will result in disqualification. Please advise your dancers’ parents of this rule. Fabulous Feet Productions reserves the right to use photos or video taken at any Fabulous Feet Productions event for promotional purposes.

Age & Levels


Age will be determined by the age of the participant as of March 1st, 2024. All group, duet and trio entries are calculated by adding the ages of all the dancers and dividing by the number of dancers in that group. Example: 7.49 goes into the 7 year old category 7.5 goes into the 8 year old category. 


The current season counts as 1 year of training (see Note to Teachers below). Training is only recognized from 6 years of age and up. There are no “zero years” of training or part years. Minimum training is one year.


Level in a specific discipline is determined by totalling the years of training from all studios that a student has attended. Changes to Levels and Disciplines will not be permitted after the Schedule Corrections deadline, including during an event.


Any entry that has not been entered properly will not be eligible for scholarships and special awards – they will receive a mark and medal placement only.


For Solos ONLY – should you think your soloist would be better suited to a higher category, please notify us and we will place them in the increased category of your choosing.


NOTE TO TEACHERS: A student attending two classes of the same discipline per week constitutes two years of training. Example: first year students attending two classes per week of jazz would be entered in junior jazz and not novice.


Novice: 1st year of training

Junior: Average of 2-3 years of training

Intermediate I: Average of 4-5 years of training

Intermediate II: NEW Average of 6-8 years of training

Advanced: NEW Average of 9 or more years of training


Open: Any routine that includes a teacher or professional dancer who is 19 years and older. Open entries are eligible for medal placement only and are not eligible for special awards.


NOVICE SOLOS: A novice solo is a first year dancer (not a first time soloist). 

*Please Note: There is a limit on solos both per student and per studio. We are limiting solos to a maximum of 5 per student. And per studio, we will be accepting 3 solos for every 1 group entered.  Duos/Trios are included with Groups for this 3:1 Ratio.  Thank you for your cooperation.


ELEVATED: A special classification that applies to all levels above. This classification is for any dancer who is training 9 hours or more per week.  This includes regular scheduled classes, choreography classes, technique, and private lessons from any and all studios attended by a student.


HOURS OF TRAINING PER WEEK: Total all of the classes for each student. Example: if the dancer is taking 1.25 hours of jazz, 2.5 hours of ballet, 1 hour of technique, 1 hour of hip hop, 1 hour of tap, and 2.5 hours of choreography classes per week their total hours of training is 9.25; you will enter 9 hours of training in the Online Registration System for this dancer. You must round to the nearest whole hour. If 50% or more of a duet, trio or group fall into this category, then they must be entered as Elevated.


All entries must be entered in one of the following categories:


** Please note: All disciplines are allowed a MAXIMUM of 5 ACRO TRICKS ONLY (unless they are entered in the Acro Category).  If a routine has more than the allowed 5, the dancer/group will be adjudicated for their medal standing but will not qualify for special awards or the Xtreme Challenge Competition.


Student Choreography:  For the dancers who are Intermediate I and higher, they can enter a Student Choreo routine which needs to be entirely organized and executed by the student (including music choice, choreo and costume design). All disciplines of dance will be combined for 1 student choreo adjudication.


Please note: There is only 1 student choreo routine allowed per student at each festival.  They will be adjudicated on dance technique, performance, and their choreo skills.


Jazz: Level is determined by the number of years of jazz training.


Tap: Level is determined by the number of years of tap training.


Ballet: Level is determined by the number of years of ballet training. The routine can be strictly based on classical steps and technique (classical) or tell a story and have a definite theme throughout (character). Classical and character ballet will be put in the same category.


Lyrical: Level is determined by the highest number of years of training of jazz or ballet or lyrical. Example: if the dancer(s) have 3 years of ballet training and 5 years of jazz training, the level for a Lyrical entry would be Inter I.


Hip Hop: Level is determined by the highest number of years of training of jazz or hip hop.


Pointe: Level is determined by the average number of years of training of ballet and pointe.  Classical, Character and Contemporary pointe will be put in the same category.


Modern: Level is determined by the highest number of years of training of ballet or jazz or modern. A routine consisting of any technique involving an infinite variety of line and shape, a constantly evolving style of movement exploring current ideas.


Contemporary: Level is determined by the highest number of years of training of ballet or jazz or contemporary.  A routine consisting of a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance and can take on many forms including dance fusion, emergent dance and revisionism.


Variety: Novelty or Musical Theatre Routines. May include song & dance, lip-syncing, dramatization, stage etc. Level is determined by the highest number of years of dance training (all disciplines).


National: A routine of national origin. Level is determined by the number of years of national training.


Acro: Level is determined by the average number of years of training of ballet and jazz and acro. A routine that incorporates dance and gymnastics or acrobatic technique and tricks. This is a dance competition and Acro routines MUST incorporate dance technique.


Stage Prop: The Stage Prop category can be applied to any of the categories listed above. The dancers will be adjudicated on the dance routine as well as the use of the prop. This category is for all routines that have a stage prop that is set on the stage before the routine and/or taken off the stage after the dancer exits. (Hand-held props may be used in any category and do not need to be classified as “Stage Prop” as long as the dancer carries the prop on and off stage during the routine.)


There will be a maximum of 1 minute each to set up and take down the props.


If your props will require more than 1 minute to set up/take down, you can purchase additional time during the registration process. Please specify this on the entry form. This will be strictly enforced for scheduling purposes and a penalty of $100 will be charged for each routine that exceeds the allotted time or fails to purchase additional time in advance.


Please remove props from the backstage area quickly after the performance.


If a routine is not entered in a Stage Prop category and a set prop is used in the routine, the routine WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE for any special awards and the studio will be subject to a fine. PLEASE remember to enter the Prop(s) when registering as this allows us to adjust our timelines and give sufficient time for each adjudication for the valuable knowledge that the dancers are here to receive.


Production: Any discipline or combination of disciplines may be used. There will be 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to take down the props. If your props will require more than 5 minutes to set up/take down, you can purchase additional time for $50 during the registration process. Please specify this on the entry form. This will be strictly enforced for scheduling purposes and a penalty of $100 will be charged for each routine that exceeds the allotted time or fails to purchase additional time in advance. All props must be removed from the backstage area immediately after the performance.


Please note: Productions are NOT eligible for the Xtreme Challenge Competition

Group Sizes

Small Group – 4 to 6 Dancers

Medium Group – 7 to 9 Dancers

Large Group – 10 to 12 Dancers

XLarge Group – 13 Dancers and up

Production – minimum 15 Dancers

Time Limits

Solo* – 2.5 minutes

Duo/Trio – 3 minutes

Small Group – 3 minutes

Medium Group – 4 minutes

Large Group – 5 minutes

XLarge Group – 5 minutes

Production – 12 minutes


Spot checks will be made. A 5-second grace period will be allowed. Timing starts when the dancers begin and runs until they are off stage at the end of the routine. A $100 fine will be imposed on entries that exceed the time limits.